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Zdenka Underwood

  • Feng Shui for buildings and gardens (Flying Star)

  • Chinese astrology:
    Four pillars of destiny

  • Design concepts for new homes, extensions and renovations

  • Guidance for house/building selection

  • Guidance for site selection

About Me

I grew up in Zagreb, in Croatia, a lively European city. I remember as a young girl looking out from my third floor apartment window and falling in love with the beauty and charm of the buildings that filled our city. Now, as a qualified architect with over four decades of professional practice behind me, I am still passionate about designing intimate spaces that are in harmony with the natural environment. 


Feng Shui

Through my interest in Chinese martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine, 

I discovered and was professionally trained in classical Flying Star Feng Shui by Grandmaster Raymond Lo of Hong Kong. And, as I had anticipated, it was immediately clear that architecture and Feng Shui make wonderful soulmates. It has been my joy for many years since to help friends and clients create greater harmony and beauty in their homes, workplaces, playplaces and in their lives.


Chinese Astrology

My own childhood included many traumas and separations; but from these and other challenges grew an inner strength that has sustained me. I am passionate about helping others gain perspective on the difficulties they may face: whether at home, at work, in relationship, in health matters or in parenting their children. When a crisis occurs, a Chinese Astrology reading can provide a pathway out of victimhood into awareness, acceptance and transformation. We always have the opportunity to respond consciously to what life brings, and so discover the destiny that can then unfold our full potential.



Feng Shui and/or Chinese Astrology readings include an energy map and birth charts, a one-and-a-half to two hour personal consultation, an explanation of the guiding principles, your four pillars of destiny, a list of the elements that are favourable to you, insights into relationships with your immediate family and/or recommendations for the design and layout of your home, as well as a subtle energetic transmission.

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