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Chinese Astrology


awareness * acceptance * transformation * destiny


Fate or Destiny?

Your Chinese Astrology chart is drawn from the moment of your birth and is described by the energies that were operating on the planet at that time. These energies constitute your ‘energy field’ and cannot be changed. They are your “fate.” How you respond to these energies is what determines the quality of your life experience. This is your “destiny”.

Awareness and Right Action

Understanding who you are and the nature of the energies you have inherited, can help you meet with equanimity whatever life brings. When something difficult happens, and you can be accepting of what is happening, difficult as it may be, the feelings that arise will pass through you, instead of being blocked. Once we feel our emotions with awareness, clarity arises as to what action is appropriate, as to what 'you must do'. With right action, you will be able to meet life consciously and embrace your destiny, feel self-empowered. And thus open to the unfolding to your full potential.


Your life circumstances are not ‘personal.’ They are ‘what is.’ The more conscious you become of this truth, the more enjoyable and light-filled your life will be. Empowered by an understanding of your personal birth chart, you will discover you are able to influence and transform your life in some mysterious and wonderful way, no matter what fate brings. Rivers may flood and forests may burn, but with awareness you will minimise the risks and be transformed as you rise to meet the challenges.



"My reading with Zdenka came at just the right time and helped me understand why the studies
I'd been pursuing had been so difficult and 'against the flow'. Zdenka's calm clear explanations of the distinction between fate and destiny, and the importance of living in harmony with energies that both limit and support us, helped me surrender and accept my current circumstances.


Since then I've deferred my studies and focussed on developing my business. This has released me from considerable struggle and enabled me to embrace the opportunities that are current for me now. Thanks to Zdenka, I feel a greater sense of clarity, focus and purpose as well as gratitude for the life I've been given, with all its challenges and graces."


— Nicola-Jane le Breton
Writing Mentor & Digital Publishing Consultant


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